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"Up north."

No two words light up the eyes of a Michigander quite like these.

Up north means the endless hours of childhood, 
bare feet in a cold stream, tiny strawberries from a roadside stand.
It means an old bike and miles of empty roads to coast wide across. 
It means fishing by sunrise, falling asleep by bonfire,
and watching your parents relax for the first time all year. 

It means a sense of place that stays with you long after you've grown up
and gone away from home.
It's the place that you always mean to go back to, if only you could find it.

Well, here it is.

88 West is a secret spot in the Keweenaw Peninsula where people from all over can discover the magic of "Up North."
It's a place for tree climbers and canoe paddlers,
campfire singers and hammock swingers,
and those whose hands have never lost the joy of feeling a fishing line jump.

88 West
Opening in 2019.

Interested in being a part of the build?
Get in touch: holler [at] theconnoisseurs [dot] us