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The List // Coastal Massachusetts

  • Shawl collars
  • Hard-ass cops
  • Buffalo plaid, authentically worn
  • Painted signs on the bricks of defunct factories
  • Cold frames
  • HoneyDew donuts
  • Forbidding houses with unlocked doors
  • Health food stores
  • Main thoroughfares unmarked
  • Hilltop Butcher Shop
  • "I lived in Cambridge for four years"
  • Women wearing boots no less than knee-high
  • Architecture face-off: Victorian Gothic steeples vs. MIT WTF
  • "Sunday Morning Country" and "Crying on the Inside" on WZBC 90.3
  • Also WHRB 95.3, which plays the real thing
  • Neoprene leggings
  • Indian food
  • Seven Stars yogurt
  • Men wearing woolen driving caps
  • Businessmen types in suits and battered Red Sox caps
  • Mellowed tailoring
  • "Warning: it's the future in here."
  • Such natural lighting as photographers' dreams are made of