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The List || Marin County

California poppy

Marin County is...

  • Morning fog
  • Biker bars
  • Cheap kombucha
  • Cows
  • Great cheese

  • "Did you know this is where mountain biking was invented?
  • Tommy Odetto
  • Bra-less women
  • Indian food
  • Solar panels
  • Oysters
  • Redwoods
  • VW buses
  • "Elk Fences Now"
  • That one lady with the white hair, flowing robes and thousand-yard stare
  • Hating on San Francisco

Fairfax, California

Bolinas Ridge, Lagunitas, California

Oysters, Point Reyes, California

Smiley's, Bolinas, California

Artichoke, Lagunitas, California Sunset, Lagunitas, California

Bicycle Works, San Anselmo, California

19 Broadway, Fairfax, California Accordion guy, Fairfax, California

End sign, Bolinas, California

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