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Summer is Seldom One Thing

stones mono 1 Jada and Alli have a place around the back of the soybean field that lies behind their neighborhood. It's a drainage canal that runs under Co Road 1025...near enough to ride their bikes, far enough to feel like their own. They call it "AlliJae" (I'm guessing at the spelling), an amalgam of their names and a reference to algae, of which the creek bottom is full.

summer is seldom one thing

Summer for the past month has been drudging humidity, damp cold, gales of wind, thunderstorms, and beautiful days where the sun pours through the burr oak trees like melted honey, thin and golden, and the sky is festooned with cartoonish little clouds.

Today, it's warm and windy, and the clouds hang in a striated blanket. It will probably rain tomorrow.


Jada and Alli do gymnastics at the same gym.

They just got back from sleepaway camp.

They come here to cool off on hot days. They skip stones, and climb on the fallen tree.

summer hang

They have a secret spot that they want to show me.

But Dad might also know about it, since he's a pro at skipping stones.

skipmaster flash

jada color 4