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the best thing about us is the people we know.

Maryland || McDowell Hall

The first time I heard Primum Mobile perform, it was on a night just like last night: at the St. John's College Winter Collegium.

I remember the feeling like a very quiet electrocution. My neck locked, my fingers tingling, my eyes watering.

When they were done, I realized I'd been holding my breath for the whole song. I'd heard this music before, I'm sure. But there's something particular about hearing it sung by people you know, on a tiny wooden stage in a historic room full of reverent friends.

While that thing can't really be described and it definitely can't be Instagrammed, I was relieved to find out last night that it can be replicated. Sometimes you can go home again, at least for a few minutes.

Student loans and awkward memories be damned. If it weren't for St. John's, I wouldn't know stuff like this existed.