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Road Tested || Carved wooden iPhone case (and for other technologies, too)

You all know how I love the mails. This is what they brought me yesterday: Carved phone cases

I didn't really suppose this was possible, you know? Like, I was stoked on all of Carved's existing designs. But just telling them about myself and what I do, then sending them a few images of old paperback covers and record sleeves...I figured there would be a lot more of "Um, so what exactly do you want us to do?"

Instead, I got an email from Alex, saying "Yeah, these will do nicely." Less than a week later, I got another, saying "Your cases are on their way."

I'm like "Cases?"

So this one is Alex's rendering of the imagery I sent him:

Carved phone case

My name is on the license plate, kids. Also is the logo on this very site (designed by the nimble Jeffrey, who agrees that it looks mighty good as a grill ornament).

And then the lovely Emily Jane went ahead and embroidered my personal talisman onto a second case. Because you know, why not?

Carved phone case

With my initial. I'm tearing up.

These beautiful works of smartphone art are silky to the touch. They snap onto your phone with the greatest of ease. The rims are unobtrusively thin, so as not to add bulk or distract in any other way from the wooden casing.

Okay, so I haven't dropped my phone on any bricks as yet, even though that would probably help to test the cases' durability and protective powers. But that's only because I keep pulling my phone out just to admire it. Maybe the first time you ever saw somebody constantly looking at the back of their phone, instead of the front.

Carved phone case

It's a hell of a thing, to see your life reflected back at you. Even more so when it's on something as simple as a wooden smartphone case.

Knowing what I do about the folks who made it, though, it feels sort of right. Why shouldn't our most ephemeral belongings reflect our essence, if they can be made by people who genuinely give a shit.?

e.v. suggests this should be my epitaph. I wouldn't be opposed.

Carved makes wooden cases and skins for iPhones and other technologies. Visit them or read more here.