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the best thing about us is the people we know.

Pisgah National Forest || Tuesday, 4.48pm

I won't lie to you--sometimes nomadic life sucks balls. 

Most of the time I'm a staunch adherent to the belief that we carry our homes inside us. 

But there are moments when it feels like someone has put all my shit out on the curb. 

This week, my website got hacked, domestic relationships sprang a leak (note: this is not a reference to Jackson), and I realized I might not get to visit my grandparents this winter. 

The weird follow-up to these things was a grim conviction that if I had a house/job/life in a set location, I'd have what I want and none of what I don't. 

You don't need a sermon from me about how that's a fallacy. 

I just thought maybe you'd need to know that even perpetual travelers wish they could escape sometimes. 

At times like these, wherever you are or whatever your life is, it helps to get up high and look at something bigger than you.