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Nomad Profile || Robert D.

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This nomadic lawyer combines the cosmopolitan crimefighting of James Bond with the egalitarian sensitivity of Walker Evans and a healthy dash of the bon vivant nature of Richard Branson. Successful, sophisticated and constantly on the move, he uses his influential position not only to fight crime in the art and entertainment world, but also to highlight the beauty and dignity of the working class.

Specifically, the working class that keeps him fed during his travels.


As a former waitress (who often shirked her duties for the chance to chat with an out-of-town guest), I fell deeply in love with Robert's Instagram account @TheDailyServer. On it, he features photos of bartenders, waiters and other hustlers of the service industry from all over the world.



Along with photos that elevate their grind into high art, he tells a little of each server's biography in the caption (often with cheeky commentary). It's a fascinating glimpse of each city's underground culture. (Better throw a little George Orwell into the above mix.)

His work has inspired many other world travelers to do their own Daily Server profiles, which Robert graciously reposts.




One of the best parts of @TheDailyServer's travels is finding out how well-traveled many of the servers are. Few turn out to be native to the place where Robert finds them--instead, they've come from all over the world.

As it also turns out, Robert himself was once a server (at a corporate feedhouse, no less) and says the experience helped him become the lawyer he is today. In food service and in law, he says, "nobody wants to hear you blame the kitchen."




After more than 1100 posts recognizing the F&B world, that world is now recognizing Mr. Darwell in turn. An exhibition of his images will appear at Paris restaurant/gallery Co 18 during Paris Cocktail Week in January 2017.



#ComfortFood - A warm thank you to everyone who shared their sympathy and condolences with me last night. I very much appreciate my connection with all of you. Today my sister and I each flew to meet in #Florida where my parents lived. We were hungry for everything and nothing (but lots of it) - so I took her to #GoldenCorral (she'd never been and didn't know what she'd been missing). Following some issue that I didn't research, the chain now has a corporate no photos policy - so, to be clear, #TheDailyServer, Demaray, in no way willingly cooperated with this shot. She has been a server at #GC since high school, putting herself through school. She's in her final year of studies now and will soon graduate to become a #radiologist. #Serverlife to #MedIcalLife - #BeautifulSoul.

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Give us the deets on your nomadic lifestyle.

I am a busy, hardworking entertainment and media attorney with the law firm of Sheppard Mullin. Originally, from Ohio, I now have homes in LA, NY, Nashville, Paris and Buenos Aires; I keep an office in Los Angeles and New York.

I definitely have the travel bug--I travel 2-3 weeks a month. My clients have all gotten used to it, and usually begin each phone call with “Where in the world are you?”



What’s the most common response you get, when you tell people about being a nomad?




What is one tool you can’t live without?

United frequent flyer miles, and my iPod--I love having my catalogue of 22,000 favorite songs with me everywhere.



Tell us a story about something unexpected that happened you.

It happens a few times a year, but it’s always a surprise when I am in another city or country and I go to take a picture of the bartender or server for my Instagram feed and, randomly, the server says that they’re one of my followers.


Where's your secret spot?

A tasty, inexpensive, lively place in Cafayate, Argentina called La Casa de las Empanadas.


#AfterHours - Just last week I was saying that I hadn't yet found my favorite bar of 2016, and, voila, like that I wound up at #CurfewCocktailBar in #Copenhagen. Everything about this place is fantastic - the #speakeasy setting in a former gangster hangout, the scratchy funky jazz vinyl, the collection of vintage #BarGear, the warm lighting, the fragrant smell of fresh herbs and fruits, the artsy seasonal cocktail menu from master #Portuguese #mixologist Humberto Marques, the perfect glassware and #TheDailyServer #barman, Antonio, who traveled from near #Porto #Portugal to help Humberto open the place (knowledgable, personable, and a perfectionist). I tried several cocktails, but started with #VietnamCurfew - #Calvados, #KochElMezcal, dry #Madeira wine, #rosehip, #bergamont citrus and apple #bitters. With some sampling in between, I ended the night with #DevilsTorch - #Calle23 #BlancoTequila,#ChocolateLiqueur, pimento and #Sichuan peppers and lemon and garnished with torched pepper on a thin block of chocolate. It's hard to imagine finding a bar and #bartender that I will enjoy more than #Curfew this year. But, rest assured, I'll keep looking.

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Most important tip for nomadic life, in 7 words or less:

Pack lightly; throw away underwear.


Follow Robert on Instagram. (DM him your own #TheDailyServer photos for a chance to be featured.)