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Beach Street Park

AT&T building, manhattan, new york In the fall of 2008, I was sitting on a bench in Beach Street park, spilling my guts to a cool girl that I hardly knew.

After a year in New York City, I'd just gotten my feet on the ground. I was paying rent on time, and could give directions to others on the subway.

All my life, I'd wanted to live there. But for some reason, just as things were working out, I found myself wanting to go somewhere else.

It wasn't that I'd found somewhere better to go; it was simply going that I wanted.

I didn't understand it, I told her.

She smiled and relaxed against the back of the bench...or maybe I'm just remembering it that way because of how she answered, as if it were so very simple:

"Maybe that's your thing."

Thank you, Sue Erickson.