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Photobook || July 2014

Roman candle, Hudson, New York April may indeed be the cruellest, August may in fact be wicked, and I know no reason why November shouldn't be sweet. While we're making these general assertions about months, then I nominate July as the longest.

I think it's only localized fun that makes time fly. Such miles as we covered, and the stories we amassed, stretched it out again far longer than any 28-day span so far this year.

From Tucson, Az. to Hudson, Ny. to New Orleans, La. did we circumnavigate this great nation, in what amounts to a summer tour of all the most sweltering states.

In fact, had a heavy rainstorm not preceded us from Maryland to Alabama, causing everyone we met to marvel almost apologetically, "It's never like this, this time of year!", I would have called July the hottest month of 2014. Depending on what criteria you use, I still might.

Coconut Glen's, hana, hawaii

Will, Fairmount, Philadelphia pennsylvania

Scott and Josh's wedding, Hudson, New York

Hutton Hotel swag, nashville, tennessee

Scott and Josh's wedding, Hudson, New York

Morning, hudson, new york

Blowhole at Nakalele Point, maui, hawaii

Manhattan skyline, New York City

Laurel, Youngstown, Ohio

Ms. Winelle, Lone Star Court, Austin, Texas

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House on Emily Street, pittsburgh, pennsylvania

Warren Street, Hudson, New York

Walker + Sydney, new orleans, louisiana

Hutton Hotel, Nashville, tennessee

Cross carrier, Baldwin avenue, maui, hawaii

Hudson Police Department, warren street, hudson, new york

Wedding singer, Hudson, New York

Kahukuloa, maui, hawaii

Lone Star Court, austin, texas

Smoking Time Jazz Club, New Orleans, Louisiana

Barlow Hotel, Hudson, New York

Train in Bywater, New Orleans, Louisiana

Highway 9W, coxsackie, new york