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Heads Up || Seth's Upcoming Art Shows, and also...

Seth's painting + Janet's blog

Seth painting, germantown, maryland

You all know how I worship the wack loveliness cranked out by my friend Seth, abstract painter and connoisseur of manly character. Well, he's having two more art shows, this month and next: August 12 at Taylor Gourmet (H Street, Washington, DC) and another one coming in September at Edit Gallery (E. Broad Street, Richmond, Va.).

Seth's poster, germantown, maryland


Go to those.

It's a drag for me that, barring acts of God or sudden summons to the Chesapeake region, I won't be able to attend these shows. Not only because this breaks my running streak of just happening to be in town for Seth's shows...as if that weren't enough.

But also a drag because there's some truly weird work popping out of his studio, these days. Shit getting crazy. The geometrics are getting loopy. The media getting all mixed up.

And it's not just a situation of "John wants to try new things." These changes are coming from somewhere very, very deep:


Seth + Janet + Bobby, germantown, maryland

Seth's third child (and first son), Robert Langdon Remsnyder, was stillborn on April 8, 2014.

That they knew ahead of time that he had passed away within the womb didn't make their loss easier. It did give them time to gather friends and family to be present for the delivery, and take part in what must have been a transcendent, bittersweet confusion of faith and feelings.

And then Seth and Janet, these two fearless souls, proceeded to open the experience to anyone brave enough to share it with them.

Bobby, germantown, maryland

Can I just say I've never seen Facebook look so noble? Maybe even "holy" would be a better word--each time one of their hospital room photos cropped up in my feed, I felt like I was stepping into church.

During that time, and since, they've continued to open their experience to others. Not just what's happened already, but what continues to happen, in their hearts and minds and the day-to-day life of their family.

To that end, along with propping Seth's upcoming show, I also want to tell you about Janet's blog.


Janet and Bobby, germantown, maryland

It's not often you get an inside, in-real-time look at the grieving process. I mean, the internet is for good times, right? It's for filtered smiles and sassy updates, with all the mediocrity and pain cropped out. It's for letting everyone know that we're doing just fine...or, at the very least, making fun of our not-fineness.

In contrast, A Place to Land is a quiet revolution: a serious internet update with no propaganda attached to it. It will make you feel things that are real and uncomfortable and contradictory--sober and joyful, angry and peaceful, who knows what all else.


"Bright with Glory from the Long Hill, painted in memory of my son Bobby"

Those who are going through a grieving process need this, no question. Her words are the permission you've been looking for. But I opine that this is something we all need. Janet's blog peels away the paper from death, exposing the rottenness and beauty of the encounter.

Read her blog, then go see Seth's new work in DC and Richmond. It's a dual perspective such as you've never experienced, and will probably leave you changed.

Please note that the show at Taylor Gourmet has been moved to August 12.