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Heads Up || Accessible Icon Project Featured on 99% Invisible

Holy synchronicity, Batman! Two of our favorite things meeting up in the same spot!

Okay so holy shit so our friend+hero Brian?

You know, the graffiti ninja-turned-college professor-turned-renegade political artist-activist?

Well, as briefly mentioned here, he's been turning his punker proclivities toward the common good, by plastering revamped Access stickers over the square traditional symbols all over Boston and its environs.


The new design, by the Accessible Icon Project (headed up by Brian's friend Sara), was just featured on one of our favorite podcasts, 99% Invisible.

When two of our great loves--the people we know, and Roman Mars' dry yet sultry vocals--come together, doesn't it excuse the fan-girl squeee!

(We think it does.)

P.S. We saw one of these for ourselves only a few days ago, in the U.S. Airways Center in Phoenix...which we'd never have seen but for the generosity of our friend Steff "The Hurricane" Colonna hooking us up with tickets to Imagine Dragons.

@corearchy was here? #phoenix #arizona

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Seriously, guys. The best thing about us.

Listen to the show.