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Best and Worst // Chicago, Il.

While eating an egg wrapped in bacon tucked in a brioche at Angel Food Bakery on Montrose Avenue, I took the opportunity afforded by contented post-prandial reflection to pose the "best and worst" question to Serena, Steve and Iowa Dan.


Best thing about living in Chicago?

Steve: Lots of good restaurants, with good service.

Serena: Public transportation.

Dan: We are a city with a beach.


vscocam528 vscocam527 vscocam526Worst thing about living in Chicago?

Steve: Driving on the expressway at... [He searches for a time of day to specify] ...Driving on the expressway.

Serena: It's so physically large. Going from one side to the other.

Dan: Construction.




Angel Food Bakery is on Montrose Avenue in Ravenswood, between Ashland and Damen Get the ham and cheese brioche.