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Best and Worst || Yellow Springs, Oh.

Lucas + Holly, Yellow Springs, Ohio Holly is one of the artistic nomad underground that I've been meeting more and more of, ever since Salon dropped my essay last April.

She read it, said a Twitter hello, and told me to visit her anytime I found myself in either Ohio or London.

...because, you know, six of one, etc.

First Presbyterian, Yellow Springs, Ohio

Holly is a native of Yellow Springs, who left for the bright lights of New York City…which, in her case, did not disappoint. She spent several years performing plays in the off off-Broadway, writing, and hobnobbing among the arty types with whom NYC was still flush, back in the 90s.

Love took her to London; divorce took her back to Ohio; love took her again to England, this time for her son, Lucas, to let him live near his father. But last month, Lucas surprised her with the intelligence that he wanted to live in the US.

Ye Olde Trail Tavern, Xenia Avenue, Yellow Springs, Ohio

So here they are, two days off the plane and a bit jet-lagged, but undeniably welcome. Nearly everywhere we went, folks were either talking to Holly ("You're back! Where are you living? How long are you here for?") or else about her (her mother was the mayor, her brother is an internationally known sculptor who makes his home quietly in Yellow Springs).

Holly takes it all with the diffident grace of a true cosmopolite, driving round town in a borrowed pickup truck to scout for houses, writing an ingenious little rom-com screenplay while making do in a motel, and slightly overdressing (as the modern nomad is prone to do) for drinks at the Yellow Springs Brewery, where we drank cigarette-flavored stout and ate some of the best potato chips I've ever come across.

I kidnapped Jamie out of Bloomington, Il. and brought her with me.

Lucas, meanwhile, has picked up again with old friends while keeping loyalty to his English roots with an avid eye on Spain, Brazil and of course England for the World Cup.

Lucas at the Sunrise Cafe, Yellow Springs, Ohio

What's the worst thing about living in Yellow Springs?

Holly: We call it "the room with the view." People with a wider point of view isolated in a sea of fundamentalist Christians.

Lucas: How far away it is from the seaside. And from England.

What's the best thing about living in Yellow Springs?

Holly: The community. How much people look out for each other. It's such a great place to raise kids--that Tom Sawyer lifestyle.

Lucas: It's hot.

First Presbyterian, Xenia Avenue, Yellow Springs, Ohio

And, for good measure, what's the worst thing about living in England?

Holly: It's expensive.

Lucas:  Hazlemere, out in the country, it was always grey. I didn't like that. And whenever it was sunny out, it was cold.

Best thing?

Holly: So much culture. It's amazing.

Lucas: Seeing my dad.

Check out Holly's website for cool real-life stories, sneak peeks at the fictional ones she's working on, and a no-nonsense survival guide for single parents.