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Best and Worst || Tucson, Az.

Meredith, canyon ranch, tucson, arizona Meredith is the Cinderella story every waitress hopes to become. She started out waiting tables at Canyon Ranch; now she manages public relations for the resort. Putting her college degree to work, no less--quel coup!

But her glowing countenance is due not only to this happy professional denouement. Nor is it solely the result of being wife to a firefighter and mother to a busy three-year-old. She positively sparkles when she talks about her hometown, Tucson, where she's lived her entire life and makes refreshingly zero apologies about.

Spirit path, canyon ranch, tucson, arizona

What's the best thing about living in Tucson?

"It's got that feeling of small town community...you run into people that are connected, somebody that knows somebody that you know. But we have a thriving downtown scene, a lot of new businesses coming in. It's a really nice blend...people who have been here a long time, but a lot of new energy coming in. I have my favorite Mexican restaurant I've been to since I was little, but also an exciting new restaurant that's my new favorite. And what's cool is a lot of these businesses are started by locals, staying in Tucson."

Meredith, canyon ranch, tucson, arizona

What's the worst thing about living in Tucson?

"The drivers. We're pretty bad drivers. People are just cruising around, no hurry. We have one freeway, connecting us to other cities...everything's a commute. When it's a hundred and ten degrees, even an extra five minutes in your car can be a drag."

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