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Best and Worst || The Road

Cameron + Beau, san diego, california Meet Beau, Cameron, and Columbus.

Cameron + Beau, san diego, california

The latter, as you see, is a 1972 VW microbus. Beau and Cameron spent the end of spring semester fixing it up, and took it from Huntington Beach to San Francisco over the past several weeks. They stopped by to visit my brother (their friend) in San Diego, their penultimate destination before heading home to Phoenix.

Beau + columbus, san diego, california

As you may recall, the inestimable Richard talked me out of a VW bus as my resident conveyance. I told them this with a certain amount of envious passive-aggression; they confirmed that much of their trip has been spent fixing things that have gone wrong with Columbus.

Then again, how can you get mad at an interior like this?

Columbus interior, san diego, california

They did it all themselves, too--from the blonde hardwood flooring in the cabin, to the suh-weet stereo system, to the bamboo and tiki upholstery, to the Astroturf in the cockpit.

Cameron + columbus, san diego, california

I'd been excited to meet them; reportedly, they'd been eager to meet me. Is it strange that, when finally we met, we didn't have much to say? We just kind of stared at Columbus' adorable details and, I suppose, mulled on the weird shit on which we place value.

Cameron, columbus, san diego, california

What's the best thing about living on the road?

"Not having a schedule and the freedom to go where you want when you want."

What's the worst thing about living on the road?

"Paying for gas, and not knowing where you're going to park for the night. For us this was a problem just because our headlights don't really work so we have to find the place we're going to sleep before the sun goes down and it's not always very easy to do haha."

Cameron + Beau, san diego, california

Learn more about these fine gentlemen of the road...and enjoy some seeeick GoPro videos...at their aptly named FB page, or join me in following them on Instagram.