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Best and Worst || Los Angeles, Ca.

Kristi ought to be the mayor of Los Angeles. Shit would get done.

Kristi, redondo beach, california

This is the third time I've crashed with her, en route to somewhere else.

Her fierce, knowing love for her hometown overcomes my congenital distaste for L.A. (blame a San Diego upbringing for that) and makes to want to stay there longer, one of these days.

Honey's Kettle-Fried chicken, Culver City, los angeles, california

Over some greasy-as fried chicken at Honey's in Culver City, I asked her:

What's the best thing about living in Los Angeles?

"It's cliché, but I think the weather. You're never too cold, you're hardly ever too hot. I love the people--that you can find any culture. Everyone is here."

What's the worst thing about living in Los Angeles?

"Traffic--I think we can all agree on that. "The crime rate can be sky high, and I will still say traffic."

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