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Bergen Street // Monday, 10.54am

Hindsight is no doubt enjoying a hearty laugh at me, as I am now, curled up resignedly on [Will's] couch for an extra night. I hoped to leave here today and be in Albany tonight. But the bridges all got closed.

Besides the intermittent rattle and howl of the wind, and occasional blinking of the lights, there's nothing doing here. Even so, it's creepy--precisely because it seems so unreal. Even as we're eating tomato soup and watching "The Incredibles," Will gets messages from his friends that Red Hook and Gowanus were evacuated, and now are filling up with water.

Cars are floating down Wall Street. The facade got torn off a building in Chelsea. Some guy in Queens was killed by a tree falling through his third story roof.

We're on the fourth floor, here in Prospect Heights. The nearest body of water is the Bailey Fountain in Grand Army Plaza. The landlord made a few half-hearted cross-hatches on the glass of the front doors with masking tape. Maybe no one's worried because there's nothing much to worry about, on this street. Or maybe folks just don't know what to do, besides post to Facebook that they are fine and have laid in plenty of provisions of wine.

I peer out the window to see if the General's windshield is still intact. I can't really see him from here, so I look at the other cars on the street, to gauge his odds.

It's as if we are checking our pulses.

The actually scary thing is that I don't feel scared. I ought to--it's a hurricane. People die as a result of hurricanes. One guy already has, tonight.

- - -

I got a pass on the whole Cali wildfire thing for my college years...now I guess I know a little better what you all were going through, back then.

I tell Will thank you, again, so much, for putting me up. And he says "It's nice having you here." And I want so much to believe him.

- - -

Last time I lived through a hurricane, I met my second family. It was too late in the storm to drive an hour back to where I was living, so I used JoAnn's phone number for the first time...had never really expected to use it, before that...and ended up at her house, nearly in tears for how beautiful it was. And that was the end and the beginning of that.

I wonder what else this hurricane could do.

- - - I heard on Facebook this morning that a guy that I went to college with has a degenerative bone disease and has already lost the use of four of his fingers. He was asking for help paying for the medicine injections that will save the remaining six...and offering his life insurance policy to anyone who would help him out.

These are not the best times to be feeling like my prayers are a burden on God.