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Allecto, phoenix, arizona

Things I love about the Hoelzen House:

That it has a name (though we've still no clues to its provenance)

Vincent, Hoelzen house by night, phoenix, arizona

The tidy compactness that makes it surprisingly more comfortable--everyone inside it is always just about the right distance away.

Stocking feet, hoelzen house, phoenix, arizona

The abundance--indeed, overabundance--of both bourbon and kombucha

Bulleit bourbon, hoelzen house, phoenix, arizona

The bathtub

Laurel in hoelzen house garden, phoenix, arizona

The weed that keeps growing up through the baseboard and poking itself out from under the paint in the wall

Tranky doo on the window, hoelzen house, phoenix, arizona

The tile floor

Hunter + laurel, phoenix, arizona

The hardwood floor

Hoelzen House post-party, phoenix, arizona

The ceiling fans

Hoelzen house, phoenix, arizona

The palo verde tree in back

Hoelzen house backyard, phoenix, arizona

The imposing palm trees that flank the otherwise humble entrance

Palm trees, hoelzen house, phoenix, arizona

Its proximity to everything good

Dance shoes, hoelzen house, phoenix, arizona

These two:

Laurel + allecto, phoenix, arizona

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